Privacy Policy

Visitor and Client privacy is our priority; we use cookies to collect information but not for mass promotion. Our cookies program will collect our user data and save it to our database. If you have any queries on our policy, send us an email.

We declare that we collect information for further communication and our business promotion but do not reveal the client data to other companies or persons. We have a contact us form, and in the email, we get your personal and contact information.

Log Files

We also collect information through Log files here; we collect your IP address, ISP information, and many more things. We can track you too from that information, which we are declaring here. So, we follow the international cookie policy and use that to promote our business ethically.

We do not use any advertisement on our site as the third-party ad servers do not have access to collect our information. So, you are safe from that side.

We do not allow any advertising campaign on our site, so there is no risk of data loss from our side, and you have to face several issues. There are no third-party issues here.

If you do not choose to run our cookies option, then try to turn it off; we will not collect your information. So, there is an option to get information or stop us from collecting information. We understand the data has value, and we take that importantly.

We are also aware of your data protection rights. You can also send us your feedback to stop us from using your data for our promotion. So, it is easy to enable and disable us. So, you can communicate with us about any restriction. We are always a few clicks away to discuss with you.

The service quality is ensured from our end, but due to any technical reason or the host end, there could be issues like spamming and site ranking fall. We request that you send us in writing if you notice these issues; it helps us verify them and establish the truth.

We receive all these complaints about email, and the links or proof should be attached. After verification, we will make additional links for you or revise any problems that come from our end. Direct refunding is not allowed from our end.

You can check your reports and send us queries if anything is unclear to you. It helps us to explain our side too. We are very much open on our service information matter. So, you can ask for an explanation over email too. It will help both of us.

Our package is most the cases customized, which you need to pay while ordering. A full refund is not allowed; we will solve any issues within our declared time if there are any issues. Our team will send you the revised plan and a stipulated time frame when you ask for any revision and change. You will be satisfied in the end.

So, when you face difficulties or have any issues, reach us immediately. We have a dedicated manager for your project; he will give you a solution to meet the standard procedures. Our dedicated team will fulfill all the issues in the lowest time possible, and you can get the best possible solution from us.