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Based on the offers, all the conditions described on this site will be applicable for the services and packages offered. Each service is a customized offer for our clients, and we will not claim to be unique and different from other service companies.

All the services will be followed by the agreements and disclaimer notices on our services and will be limited between us, the Authority Backlink, and Clients.

Terms and conditions can be changed depending on the occurred situation and issues.


We use cookies information to reach our clients and for further business operation. But we do not sell our data to any other third party; all information will be secured on our database.

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You can share your opinions and suggestion with us through email and live chat, which will help us to improve. Our service will be limited to what we have offered.

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Content Liability

We will provide quality, well-researched, and unique content to our clients; we will solve that immediately if there are any issues. But we will not appreciate copying our contents and applying the DMCA act on them to the penalty of your copied contents.

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Please read Privacy Policy.

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We reserve the right to our contents and services. No one is encouraged to copy them or use them for illegal or unauthorized purposes. We will apply legal action to protect our contents and services.

Removal of links from our website

If you do not find our services and link placement is suitable, inform us and remove them. We will take that as a legal process, and we honor your opinion. If you find your link on our site that reveals your identity or that is not appreciated, inform us, as we can remove that too.


We will follow the applicable law and ensure the best services from our end. For any misunderstanding, you can contact us directly and settle any issues. We will take strict action against any contract violation. We will bear our responsibility to our clients and demurrage any services that occurred losses.